Stress Busters #2 Relationships

Relationships Make The World Go Around

Relationships can be highly important in our day to day lives.

We may not realize the impact of them upon our quality of life until they start to go sour.

It is at that point that we really come to identify how important getting along can be to our overall state of happiness and harmony in our lives.

We Are Inter-connected

In our modern world we tend to think of ourselves as fairly independent at times. But the reality of it all, is that we are incredibly dependent upon one another for things like goods and services.

Our success is highly related to marketing ourselves, and having people buy and recommend our goods and services. It is a vast world of mutual exchange.

But not just exchanging goods and services, but also cooperating and making our lives not only easier, but more enjoyable.

Being able to get along and interact smoothly is key!

How We Handle Differences

Dealing with a myriad of different people, inevitably comes with a mixture of different opinions and perspectives.

What we do when we encounter perspectives different from our own will make all the difference.

Here are some helpful tips and things that we can do when we encounter different opinions:

  • Make sure we are listening
  • Ask to repeat if necessary
  • Acknowledge the other’s opinion
  • Ask them to explain or elaborate more on why they feel that way
  • Not tell them they are wrong, but perhaps say that we had heard or read otherwise
  • Accept that they hold a different opinion and perspective
  • Learn something from them by hearing what they have to say
  • Come away from the conversation with a broader perspective
  • Feel good about ourselves because we were able to avoid a conflict and allowed the person to hold their opinion at the same time.
  • Perhaps we will be able to make a new friend or acquaintance instead of alienating them.

Relating Well = Feeling Well

This isn’t a specifically defined formula in scientific terms.

But I would hazard a guess, that those persons who were able to relate well and harmoniously with others, would very likely experience far lower levels of stress in their daily lives.

And what better “stress buster” can there be than getting along?

When we get along, life just seems to flow that much smoother.

People may go out of their way to help us, and we may find ourselves helping them in return.

If you are having difficulty with the relationships in your life, it can make for a lot of stressful moments. If you would like some help in getting better at working through relationship problems, then I’d be very happy to help you.

Better relationships are waiting, and less stress as a result.

Call now and get started today!







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