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Can Counselling Make Things Better?

Counselling can help you to get back on track! Wouldn’t you like to address those issues that seem to be continuing sources of stress and frustration in your life once and for all?

I’d like to help provide you with a place to discuss those issues in a safe and trusting environment. Whether you are feeling like you would like some one on one guidance, to help you to see things more clearly, or whether you would like to come in together as a couple, I’d like to help you work on your truly most valuable asset:
Your relationship with your loved one!

In today’s fast-paced and often stressful world, our relationships can be sources of comfort and happiness, or if not tended to properly, over time they can become yet another source of tension!

According to John Gottman, a renown marriage and relationships researcher, there are certain clear signs that indicate that your relationship is in trouble. If you find yourself routinely engaging in criticism, getting defensive, feeling a sense of contempt for each other, and stonewalling (shutting down), then your relationship is on a downward path towards great difficulty possibly leading to divorce.

It doesn’t have to end in frustration, bitterness or divorce. The signs of frustration, sadness and depression that you are feeling are signs that you care about your relationship and want to make it work!

There is hope!

 Counselling  really can make a difference!

Things between you can be good again!

You Can Call Me Now, and you can get started right away!

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