The Journey of Grieving

The Journey of Grieving

One Man’s Guide To Grieving

Grieving is a subject that is difficult for most of us to deal with.

Sometimes someone captures the essence of an experience so well, that all one can do is to wish to share their message. The story below has started circulating on the internet, about an older man’s advice to a person completely shocked after the sudden death of a friend. The advice that is given on how to deal with grief and grieving is extremely heartfelt, and is only the type of advice that one can give after a long life’s experience in dealing with the matter firsthand.

The advice is from the heart and hard won, and very generously given.

Please find below, word for word, this humble generous loving soul’s tender words, to a fellow human being on how to handle grieving.

The Journey Of Grieving
The Journey Of Grieving


Different Types Of Grief

When we think of grief, we usually think about the passing of a loved one or someone we know.

While this is often the case when we experience grief, it is useful to remember that we will likely experience grief when we experience an ending of some sort as well.

The following events may also engender a grief response in us as well:

  • the end of a relationship
  • the change in an important relationship
  • the loss of a job
  • the end of a project, even if it is successful
  • change in general
  • the loss of a favored status or condition

We are affected by change and loss, and often our reaction is to mourn that which has ended. Seeing life and the nature of things as being ongoing and ever-flowing, can often help to mitigate our sense of loss and feeling singled out to suffer.

Change does happen in this life, and it does happen frequently.

Learning how to flow with this change, how to adapt and adjust ourselves, and also how to reach out and offer comfort to each other, may very well lessen a great extent of our common suffering.

If these words touched you in some way, or you may know of someone that may benefit from them, please pass them along.

Also, if you feel that you may be having trouble dealing with loss and are suffering, please consider calling to make an appointment. I would be more than glad to help you on your journey through this difficult part of your life.


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