So Much Loss in 2016

Loss Seems To Be Everywhere

Loss of a loved one, or a family member, is never easy. Especially if that loss occurs under tragic circumstances.

Lately, we seem to be bombarded by stories of one famous or well known person after another, dying in the early part of 2016 so far. Whether it be David Bowie, Alan Rickman, or Glenn Frey. We seem to be struck every week by the passing of a major celebrity or personality.

Loss in the Financial World

It is hard to escape the losses that are being experienced in the world markets, whether it be on the global stock exchanges, or the price of oil, or the Canadian loonie.

The effect can leave us all reeling, and wondering where this is going, and when it is going to end.

It feels a bit like swimming. Except in this kind of swimming, it is like we have been thrown into the deep end, and are threading water like crazy trying to touch down to see if we can feel the bottom!

How far will this go? When will it end?

The familiar ways that we seemed to use to guide us, no longer seem to be working. As we read or listen to the daily news, we try and connect the dots, try to make some sense out of what is going on in the world.

For a lot of us those connections seem to be lacking. Our compasses are twirling around and around, hoping that they will stop spinning at some point.

This seems to be a period of great uncertainty and loss.

The trick may be: How to move forward despite great uncertainty, and not to fall prey to fear and panic, which will only make things even worse.

Losing What Is Most Precious

Financial markets may rise and tumble. In fact one might say that that is the very nature of financial markets. They have risen and fallen since before recorded time.

But what is MOST precious to us, and can not be replaced, are those we love.

This world can seem like a cruel place at times. Unlike the animals, and the pets that we keep by our sides, man alone seems to be the only creature that is aware of his or her mortality.

And what a blessing and a curse that is all in one!

By virtue of the fact that each and every one of us knows that we are only here for a finite time, no matter our delusions to the contrary by some, one would think that we would all get down to making the absolute most of our time here on this planet.

God knows we are able to conjure up a great sense of urgency, when we are on vacation on a sunny beach for a mere two weeks!

And despite this very notion of a finite existence, we seem to wile away our time and fritter it away, as opposed to making good use of it.

The trouble is, you think you have time.


We all think that we have lots of time… until we don’t!

And we think that we have LOTS of time with those around us and those we love… until we don’t!

And this is the “curse” part about our existence and consciousness: knowing that we are finite beings living a finite existence.

And yet… somehow we manage to delude ourselves quite well.

  • Not doing or saying what we need to say to those we love
  • Not doing work that makes us come alive and fulfilled
  • Complaining, and hoping that by venting alone, our lives will somehow magically get better.
  • Dedicating the better parts of our lives and health towards making someone else’s dreams become reality, while we may content ourselves with little
  • Lacking the courage to try, thinking that it would be so horrible if we failed, yet not realizing how amazing and life-changing it could be if we succeeded

What All Of These Losses Are Telling Us

Last week it was David Bowie, a few days ago it was Glenn Frey, and yesterday it was a good friend of mine under tragic circumstances. As Ernest Hemingway so aptly suggested, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls,” as it tolls for all of us.

We are only here for but a short period of time. Let us not make the mistake of taking our eyes off of what is important: our loved ones and our health.

If you are willing to gamble with these finite treasures, be sure you know the price that you are willing to pay, as we only get this one chance to live.

Shine brightly!

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