Mixed Remembrance

Another Remembrance Day Remembrance Day is a difficult day for many. This is a great understatement for parents, families, spouses and partners who have lost loved ones due to war. On this day, many of us watch on television, as wreaths are laid down to commemorate the memory of those who fought and paid the … Read more

The Power Of Optimism And Hope

The Power Of Optimism and Hope

Why Optimism And Hope Are Important Optimism and hope are key navigational tools that help us get through life and cope with change. Without these two important factors in our life, one could argue that dealing with life’s adversities and challenges could be extremely more difficult. But how about taking a closer look at what … Read more

The Journey of Grieving

The Journey of Grieving

One Man’s Guide To Grieving Grieving is a subject that is difficult for most of us to deal with. Sometimes someone captures the essence of an experience so well, that all one can do is to wish to share their message. The story below has started circulating on the internet, about an older man’s advice … Read more

Do I Have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) ?

Do I Have SAD

Are You Feeling Blue? Could It Be SAD? According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 2-3% of Canadians are likely to suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, at some point in their lives. Another 15% will likely suffer from a milder form of seasonal depression that will leave them feeling slightly depressed. SAD accounts for … Read more

How To Deal With Change…

Dealing With Change How to deal with change is something that we all deal with in our daily lives. Some of us deal with change better than others. Some people just seem to be able to naturally roll with whatever changes come their way, while others seem highly incapable of dealing with even the smallest changes … Read more