Stress Busters #1 Finances

Stress Busters

Finances Causing You Stress? Chances are, that like most people, your finances may be causing you to feel stress at this time of year. By about this time, the credit card statements start rolling in, detailing how much we “saved” on those sales that just seemed too tempting to resist before Christmas. If that wasn’t bad enough, … Read more

Grieving the loss of a pet

Loss Can Hit Suddenly The loss of a family pet can happen suddenly, and without prior warning. Grieving the loss of a pet can leave us and family members reeling from the impact. The pain of losing a family pet, can be as difficult and complicated as losing a member of the family.  The relationships … Read more

Are You Affected By Workplace Bullying?

Are You Affected By Workplace Bullying

Do You Think Bullying Only Happens To Kids? Guess again!  With the recent focus over the past couple of years on bullying of children in schools, and through social media, one is tempted to think that we are finally getting a handle on this difficult and severely distressing problem. Seeing kids wearing pink shirts, and … Read more