Spring: New Beginnings!


Beginnings: Time For A Fresh Start

Spring is set to hit in the next few days. And just in time for us all to make a fresh start and a new beginning!

Don’t know about you, but it has been a long winter.

Finally the days are starting to get longer and we manged to get an extra hour of daylight. Now all we have to do is get used to it!

Celebrating Winter’s End

I think it would be a fabulous idea to celebrate the ending of winter.

Can you tell that I am not much for winter sports?

All of that aside, it seems to me like it would be a great idea to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of spring. I think the ancients had it right when they would celebrate the spring equinox.

Spring is that wonderful time of year when we get to come out of hibernation and celebrate the coming of new life.

Although we may wish to take a moment and pay tribute to the losses, and passing ons that we have gone through. The year 2016 started with a bang. A lot of losses and changes, and a lot of good people have left this Earth and moved on.

Let us take a moment to honour their memory.

In Tune With The Seasons

It never ceases to amaze me how we can get so out of sync with nature, and the seasons that surround us.

Whenever I stop and take a look at nature and animals in our environment, I am astounded by how their behaviour is in line with the seasons and nature. What should astound me more perhaps, is why we, man, are not also more aligned with nature!

Man The Disconnected Animal

We humans seem so disconnected to nature and our environment. We have things like “daylight savings time” and “leap year” adjustments. Of course there is a “logical” reason why we add a day to our calendar every four years: to make an adjustment.

But animals and nature seem to do just fine without any calendar adjustments.

In fact, they even seem to do rather well without daylight savings time!

Which reminds me, the adoption of daylight savings time goes back to World War I when Germany used it as a means to conserve coal. When the United States entered the war, they also adopted it. A look at this Wikipedia article on Daylight Savings Time details the whole history of how it came about and the controversies that have ensued over the years.

But the point I am alluding to, is how out of balance and out of touch we modern humans seem to be with nature.

If you really stop to think about it, a lot of us live in tall buildings. We step out of our “nests” and get into our cars, and drive to other tall buildings where we spend our days, only to return to the “nest”. What is striking is that we rarely actually ever touch our feet to the ground. What we mostly put our feet down upon is concrete or pavement. Hardly the Earth at all.

As an aside, if you would like to read up on a topic that is very interesting, please have a look at this article on grounding or “Earthing” as some like to call it. What it is, is a fascinating look at how “grounding” our human energetic field to the Earth can help to promote and sustain health in many ways. This used to be something that we did regularly when we were less so called “civilized” and living in nature.

For a more thorough, and science backed view on the subject, you can have a look at this excellent read called: Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Long Live Spring!

In the next few days, let us all take advantage of the new energy that spring will bestow upon us. Let us cast off the old and embrace the new.

I hope that spring’s healing comes into your life and blesses it and carries you along with its healing and regenerative energies.

Long live spring! Long live life!



Relationship Post-Valentine’s Now What?

Relationship Post Valentines

The Relationship Goes On, Or It Doesn’t!

Relationship recovery, relationship growth, or relationship endings!

These are likely to be the results that a lot of us are faced with after going through Valentine’s Day as a couple.

So here we are on the other side of Valentine’s Day. Hopefully most of us made it through.

Some of us will have made it through with our romantic relationships in tact.

Some will have even grown closer through celebrating Valentine’s Day with their sweetheart. A lot of you will have.

And some… unfortunately not so lucky.

But perhaps for those whose relationships did not survive Valentine’s Day, it may be a good thing, perhaps in time you may consider it a blessing as time does its healing work.

But for now…. things just may feel terrible… awful… and you may find yourself consumed with such thoughts as:

  • How could he / she have left me, or dumped me like that?
  • How could they have beat me to it?!
  • How could I have been so blind as to not see… X, Y, or Z, or XY and Z!!!
  • What was I thinking when I thought this could actually work?
  • Will this pain ever end?
  • And… will I ever love again?

Post Valentine’s Day breakups can be difficult.

Heck, breakups are difficult at any time of the year!

But they seem to be that much more difficult around Valentine’s Day, because of all of the romantic symbolism and high expectations that surround this holiday.

As in my previous post, Valentine’s: A Semi-Annual Call To Consciousness, I alluded to Valentine’s Day’s allure, and its great possibility for waking up previously slumbering relationships, and how unmet relationship difficulties can often come to a head.

Well, here we are on the other side… hopefully your relationship has survived and you were able to show that special loved one just how important they are to you, and hopefully you got a chance to see how important you are to them.

What If Your Relationship Ended?

But if that wasn’t the case, and your relationship was one of those that didn’t make it through, please don’t despair, take the time to grieve the loss of your love relationship.

Some of the following steps may come in handy to help you through this difficult time:

  • Take it easy with alcohol and other substances. You likely feel bad enough as it is. A clouded consciousness could make you do something you will regret. Substances like alcohol tend to give a short boost, but in the long term are depressants.
  • Treat yourself well. Feeling like you have just been dumped doesn’t mean that you also have to treat yourself badly. This is a time for self-love and acceptance. Just because someone didn’t find you to be a compatible match to them, doesn’t mean that you are flawed. You just weren’t for them. And when you find somebody you click with, you will be more than happy you took good care of yourself in this difficult time. Try things like eating well, getting enough sleep, exercise, being in the company of friends, family and supportive people.
  • Take the time to grieve your lost love relationship. Often not taking the time to properly grieve a recent breakup, and tumbling into another new relationship, can lead to problems as these unprocessed feelings start to crop up in your new relationship. You may think that just because your ex-partner has moved on really quickly into a new relationship, that they are fully healed and over your relationship, and that it meant nothing to them. But love is more of a marathon, and while it may look like they have dashed out of the gates, they may stumble and fall. Take the time to heal and be fully ready for when love comes knocking upon your door again. And it will. Just like it has in the past.
  • Learn from your past relationship. This may be difficult when we are so filled with hurt, and anger, and are caught up in blaming our ex-partner for what happened. The problem with blame, is that if we do succeed in making it ALL our ex-partner’s fault, then we have no other option but to assume the role of “victim”, and that things just happened to us. There can be no empowerment or long term good feelings in making oneself a victim. Chances are that the end of our relationships were more than about what one person did. It is usually a multi-causal chain of events that led to the end of the relationship. As the saying goes… “there is usually more than one side to a story.”
  • If you were the victim of abuse however, then please by all means seek professional help or guidance to help you heal from the traumatic experience that you have been through. With professional help you can reclaim your life and get stronger, and heal yourself from the toxic effects of abuse. Please bear in mind, abuse is not just physical, it can also be emotional.

In conclusion, if you’ve made it this far beyond Valentine’s Day, that’s a good sign. It shows your resilience and your willingness to go on, and to heal from your heartache. But remember, there is no need to go it alone.

Help is available to you from friends, family and professional support. Every one around you has likely gone through one heartbreak or another, or likely will in the future. Let people help you. There is no shame in feeling pain. And besides, you can always return the favour and be there for them later on, should they need a compassionate ear, or a shoulder to lean on.

If you are in need of help getting through a post-Valentine’s breakup, please do not hesitate to contact me or give me a call. It would be my pleasure to help you find yourself again, and to make a new start.

Spring is around the corner. It is a time for starting over.