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What You Can Expect From Counselling

My view on counselling is based upon the level of trust and the quality of the connection that we are able to create together!

In essence, the relationship that we develop together is key.

I would wish to provide you with a safe, caring environment, where you will feel completely heard and understood.

I see my role as being more of a Guide, offering support while at the same time gently encouraging your growth by pointing out certain areas, thoughts, beliefs or behaviours that may be keeping you stuck, or that you may be unaware of.

My formal education consists of a Masters Degree in Counselling, combined with over 17 years of clinical experience ranging from an outpatient hospital care, palliative care, crisis support, and private practice.

I have had in-depth experience in dealing with a broad range of issues from: relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and personal development.

I have felt very privileged, to have had the opportunity to help a large number of clients in my career so far. I continue to learn each and every day, and treat each person and their problems as unique.

I believe in keeping it real. I won’t seek to confuse you with a lot of jargon.

I believe in communicating clearly, and exploring those areas that are causing you difficulty at a pace that feels right for you, and will optimally keep you moving ahead towards your goals.

I believe that the key areas that are important to our personal development and well-being, are our relationships with the people in our world, the way we think, and the beliefs that shape our world, our ability to deal with stress and the changes that life is constantly bringing us, creating a life that deeply meets all of our needs, as well as our sense of meaning and purpose in life.

I would offer you an opportunity to sit down with someone who is genuinely concerned and cares about your well-being.

I believe that being well is about feeling good on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

But not only feeling good, but being there with you and assisting you on your own personal Journey to feel well adjusted, and positioned to aim for your highest goals and dreams.

We only get to live this life once. Along the way we are visited with life’s pains and troubles. My view is that pain often comes, but that suffering is optional.

I would like to help you find a path through suffering, to a life that feels rich and fulfilling!

Overcoming your problems and difficulties, and seeing the world in a way that you may have never seen before, is the rich reward that we will both gain from sharing a part of our Journey together.

 You Can Call Me Now for an appointment at 250-618-9550 or contact me by email, and we can get going on coming up with solutions that will meet your needs today!

I offer services in PERSON, by PHONE, and through SKYPE worldwide for your convenience.

Ron Lafleur M.A. RCC

Ron Lafleur
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