Welcome To 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Congratulations! 2017 You made it! No small feat. A lot of people,

many of them rich and famous are not so fortunate.

Now that we’ve made it, now what are we going to do?

It might be helpful to take a moment and take stock of certain things,

things that we can hopefully be grateful for:

  • Our Health
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Friends
  • Finances
  • Gratitude in general

Attitude Makes The Difference

A good positive healthy attitude is probably the best way that I can think

of to start the year off right.

Coincidentally, the words “gratitude” and “attitude” sound an awful lot alike.

And one can add to the other I think. 

An attitude of gratitude can go a long way.

For example, recent research has found that being grateful can enhance our

level of dopamine. Dopamine is one of the brain’s key feel good neurotransmitters!

Imagine that, just by feeling grateful for what we have, be it the people, our

health, or our material resources, we can enhance how we feel.


It has been suggested that no matter what our situation, if we look carefully

that we can always find something to be grateful for.  I know that sounds like

a stretch at times, but it may be an interesting experiment to try. 


Each day upon waking up, and every night as we go to bed, imagine what it

would be like to try and list at least one thing that we are grateful for!

If we want to get all scientific about it, we can jot down how we feel before

the “experiment”, and then how we feel at the end of 30 days.

What have we got to lose if you think about?


Most of the time we seem to focus on what is missing and what is causing

us to be miserable. That is a sure formula for becoming quite depressed:

By focusing on lack, or what is not present.

Why not turn it around and be mindful for 2 moments in our day, and take

note of what we have to be grateful for.


I’d love to hear back from you on what differences this has made in your life.

Namaste and Happy 2017!


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