Looking to see a Counsellor in Nanaimo BC?

I offer counselling designed to get your life back to that place that feels good again!

I know my life can be better than this!

 Do you ever feel yourself thinking thoughts like this? Either you are just managing to get by, or you feel like you are about to crash. That things can’t keep going on this way! Perhaps things are not that bad, but deep down you are feeling like life can be a whole lot better. 

These are thoughts that a lot of us regularly feel. You are not alone. Perhaps you are just getting by in your job, or staying above water in your finances, or your personal relationships just aren’t as fulfilling as you’d like them to be.

I’d like to help you take back your life and take it to the next level. That place deep down inside where you know you want to get to. That place where ALL aspects of your life come together allowing you to live a life that not only feels fulfilling, but takes you to the next level, no longer  struggling but moving ahead to a level of thriving. Where each new event in your life feels like an opportunity or a challenge to overcome. Working together, I would like to help you get back to that vantage point. A place where you are able to not only feel good once again in your life, but respond to events and people in a way that feels good and comforting. A deep sense of knowing that you are on the right path for yourself.

Whether it be issues of stress, depression, anxiety, self esteem or addictive behaviours, I’d like to help you get back on track. There’s a rich life out there waiting for you. Let me help you get to that place by providing a safe, comfortable, and nurturing supportive environment to talk about your challenges and to formulate a plan together to get your life to the place you would like it to be.

Take the step now and contact me by email or phone, and you can begin the journey back to a life that feels good again. Or you may get a taste of life that you have never felt before but have felt deep down could be yours.

I look forward to being a part of your journey!

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