FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where are you located?

My office is located at 3254 Crystal Place, Nanaimo, BC. Free parking is available.

2) What are your hours of operation?

For in-person counselling, appointments are available Monday to Friday. Telephone counselling, appointments are available throughout the week.

3) How long is an average session?

Sessions are usually 50 minutes long, which is standard, but may also be subject to negotiation if more time is needed.

4) How much do you charge per session?

Rates for individual or couples sessions are $120 plus GST.

5) What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, cheques, interac transfer, paypal, visa, mastercard, american express and discover for your convenience.

6) Do you offer any other services other than in-person counselling?

Yes. I have extensive experience offering telephone counselling. This option may be suitable for those who may have transportation difficulties, or who might have childcare challenges. It is also an option for those living in another country, who would like to take advantage of counselling with me. Please contact me, and we can set up arrangements easily enough.

Some people may also feel more comfortable discussing matters over the phone. An added benefit of telephone counselling, is that it would allow for time savings, in that it cuts down on travel time. As well, there is an environmental benefit in not having to use fossil fuels.

7)   Is there a charge for no-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice?

Yes. I would need to charge for half the session time to make amends.

8) Payment would be expected at the end of each session, unless another arrangement were taken.

9) I am also open to negotiating discounts for a series of sessions paid in advance. 

10) For any other matters or clarifications, please feel free to contact me.




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