Couples Counselling

Can Couples Counselling make a difference?

You’re at the point where you’ve pretty much tried just about everything to make your relationship work! And now you may be wondering, if Couples Counselling could be the thing, to really TRULY make a difference?

Perhaps you and your partner are at the point where you have just about tried everything that you can think of EXCEPT couples counselling!

Perhaps it’s time to take that step, and bring your relationship in to someone that you can trust, to help you get through the agonizing and stressful gridlocks that you have been experiencing together?

Problems in relationships don’t tend to go away on their own.

Even though both of you may highly value your romantic relationship, chances are that you may be REPEATING the same endless dance steps over and over, and getting exactly the same results!

Maybe it’s time to finally look into seeing somebody, and asking your partner if they would be willing to get couples counselling together?

Just like a car… the longer we wait and hope that that knocking sound will go away… the less likely it seems to happen.

If your relationship is in bad need of repair, perhaps this is the time to truly take a close look, and come in for that “tune up” or “major overhaul” that you may need.

It doesn’t have to be painful. There is no shame in seeking help.

ALL couples at some point or another go through their challenging periods, whether it be as a result of:

  • the addition of children to a marriage / couple
  • a partner’s mental health issues
  • communication problems
  • job loss or transitions
  • infidelity

Over time, changes bring all sorts of challenges for our relationships to adapt to. Sometimes we make smooth transitions together, and at other times the changes are far less than smooth.

This is where couples counselling can help!

It can help the two of you to get some perspective on each other’s view of things, and perhaps a much needed objective professional opinion to help set you back on track.

If you think about it….

Our relationships can be the greatest source of joy and happiness in our lives. They can also be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives as well.

Many of us come face to face everyday with the pressures and demands of work, children, finances and the struggle to balance our lives when everything seems to be equally important!

The risk is that you may lose sight of what is MOST important, and that is: each other! 

Without an upfront dedicated intent on putting each other and your relationship first, you may find that your relationship starts to slip further and further down the list of each other’s priority list.

Let’s face it, you likely only have a certain amount of energy, and time for some seems to come at a premium. Going through life feeling like you are trying to stay one step ahead of a looming disaster can not only feel very stressful, but can also make us sometimes feel like our relationships are just one more place where we are failing to measure up, let alone being the source of comfort and fulfillment that they can be.

There is hope. Life can be different. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

By taking the time and talking to your partner in a safe, nurturing, and encouraging environment you will perhaps be making the best  investment in yourselves and in your mutual health that you can make for each other. Research shows that relational stress can have broad and far reaching impacts on our physical, emotional and mental health. 

Isn’t it time to address those issues that are standing between you and your partner?

Isn’t it time to get closer to each other, and to provide the time, space and guidance necessary to get the two of you back to where your lives together did feel good?

Life can feel good again!

In fact, by addressing longstanding grievances and communication issues, you can as a couple develop your very own conflict resolution style, that will help both of you to resolve those unavoidable differences of opinion that threaten to breach the closeness that the both of you are probably so deeply wishing to rekindle.

Take the step and act now!

Visit the contact page and give me a call, or email me today, and set yourselves back on the path of moving closer to each other like you once did.

I look forward to helping you repair your relationship, and getting back to a place of happiness and joy, that can come from truly sharing life together.

You Can Call Me Now to set up an appointment, and you can get going immediately, to help you and your partner work through your issues.

Life CAN be good again!





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