Relationship Post Valentines

Relationship Post-Valentine’s Now What?

The Relationship Goes On, Or It Doesn’t! Relationship recovery, relationship growth, or relationship endings! These are likely to be the results that a lot of us are faced with after going through Valentine’s Day as a couple. So here we are on the other side of Valentine’s Day. Hopefully most of us made it through. […]

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s: A Semi-Annual Call To Consciousness

Valentine’s Day: Mmmmm or Yikes? Valentine’s Day is often synonymous with romantic love. It is an opportunity to demonstrate how much our romantic partner means to us, and for them to show us how important we are to them. That is if all is going well. If things aren’t going well in our romantic relationships, […]

Relationships Jung

Jung On Relationships: A Mini-Primer

Relationships Have It: It’s All There Relationships are probably one of biggest sources of problems, challenges, and opportunities that we come face to face with in our everyday lives. Who’s bothering you? Carl Jung This rather amazing quote is attributed to Carl Jung. In my opinion, one of the greatest and deepest thinkers of early […]