The Power Of Optimism and Hope

The Power Of Optimism And Hope

Why Optimism And Hope Are Important Optimism and hope are key navigational tools that help us get through life and cope with change. Without these two important factors in our life, one could argue that dealing with life’s adversities and challenges could be extremely more difficult. But how about taking a closer look at what […]

Nanaimo Counselling

Nanaimo Counselling Services Now Being Offered! I am very pleased to be able to begin offering counselling services in the Nanaimo area. Recently having moved here from Victoria, I am eager to offer my services to help you get through whatever is ailing you. My areas of expertise range from individual counselling covering a host […]

Communication Tip #2: Taking Turns Talking AND Listening!

 Taking Turns: Talking AND Listening Communication tips may come in many forms and varieties, but one thing is sure: If one person isn’t really listening while the other person is talking, there are bound to be all kinds of miscommunication problems! What does it mean to really listen? Really listening would mean: Paying attention Looking […]

Why Preferences Are ALWAYS Better Than Demands!

Preferences Are More Fluid Yes, here at long last is the promised article on preferences! Here goes! The benefits of going through life with preferences instead of demands is that they are more fluid. What do I mean by that? Well, when you have a demand, there is usually only ONE specific set of circumstances […]

Why Making Comparisons Can Make You Miserable!

Comparisons: A Formula For Feeling Miserable? If you want to feel miserable, then I would recommend that you “compare” yourself to somebody or something! Why would I want to do that? You probably do already, and would claim that you don’t! BUT …. if we pay close attention to our thoughts, we probably do IT all […]

Anger Management: THE Word That Sets You Off!

Anger Management The Fuse! Is 1/4 of a second long!   That may be the difference between maintaining your cool and totally losing it! Research reported on by Daniel Goleman in his landmark book Emotional Intelligence found that it could take as little as 1/4 of a second for the amygdala to trigger a full blown […]